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Curtains can also be a very valuable asset to your home, and expensive to replace if they are not looked after. Ask us to treat just a small area of your curtains to show you what results may be achieved with our curtain cleaning services in Tauranga! You'll be very surprised.

We clean anything from small stains, to mansions; domestic and commercial properties. Call us in Tauranga to arrange a service at your home or business today!
Upholstery cleaning as part of a curtain cleaning package in Tauranga

Curtain cleaning

Mark can clean your curtains in your home while still hanging, or take them away to clean and bring them back fresh and sparkling. He can also remove mould and mildew very successfully with a special curtain cleaning product. Our treatments won’t shrink your curtains, and are very effective without damaging thermal backed curtains too.
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Pest & insect control

We can take control of almost any ‘nasties’ which may invade your home: mice, rats, spiders, flies, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees, silverfish, carpet beetles, fleas, bugs, bora and more. Depending on the problem posed, we use a variety of treatment methods. Mark is happy to talk to you about your individual needs, and what might be most suitable for your situation.
As insecticides must be used at a safe level, you may find that although you may see results immediately, it may be as much as 14 days before you are completely free of the pests. However, do not be concerned as these pests will be killed by the residual action of the chemical. For this reason it is important that you follow these instructions when you return:
  1. Sweep up all dead insects
  2. Wash food contact surfaces only. (If you wipe windowsills, you will be getting rid of the residual spray)
  3. Ventilate any treated areas thoroughly
For flea treatment, Mark will rake the insecticide into your carpets and apply to any upholstery that may be affected. You will need to refrain from vacuuming your carpet for 5 days. Call Mark or Kathy in Tauranga now to put an end to your pest problems.

Carpet and upholstery

Thorough Cleaning uses steam cleaning, the best method to effectively deep clean carpets and upholstery. It is recommended by all carpet manufacturers, and has a fast drying time. No harsh chemicals are used in the cleaning process, and brilliant results are achieved! On average, your carpets will be fully dry in 3-4 hours is you are able to do this, otherwise up to 24 hours if no ventilation is available. We do have air movers available to hire if you require a faster drying time. Upholstery may take a little longer to dry, and you may need to use a towel to sit on for the first 24 hours.
Mark uses a small upholstery wand to go around all edges of carpets and up to skirting boards, so it is a very thorough clean. We will not move units with TVs or computers, so if you are wanting the areas under these cleaned, you will need to arrange for them to be moved yourself.
Mark is also qualified to soilguard (scotchguard) your furniture against future stains.This is a great investment for the longevity of your upholstery.
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